Why Traveling Is so Important to Me

Why Traveling Is so Important to Me
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Can you imagine living in a world where you always stay within your border, where you’re willingly stuck in your city because you haven’t realized the importance of traveling?

Every now and then I get the question whether or not I hate Sweden simply because I have chosen to live abroad. I’ve even been asked when I’m planning on “growing up and settling down. Each time I’ve received the two questions it’s been asked by fellow Swedes who have never lived abroad. In fact, the same people asking me these questions are people I don’t believe have the courage to willingly leave their comfort zone and experience a new city, country or even continent. But enough about them, let’s focus on more important things – what traveling means to me.

Traveling to different countries have allowed me to not only appreciate my own background more, but it also gave me an insight and a new respect for cultures that are different from my own. By traveling I get to see the beauty of the world, and how one city is different from one another. How countries differ, and how things can mean one thing to you but something completely different for someone else. When you travel you learn things about yourself beyond your wildest imagination, which is why I have promised myself to visit new countries every year. One because I want to tick off boxes on my bucket list but als0 because I’m eager to continue to learn more about myself and others.

Last year I went on a what I consider to be a life-changing trip. I finally visited Cuba and got to explore Havana for a week. Although I only spent one week, Havana is a prime example of how one country so far away can become so special to you despite only spending a few days. That little island on the other side of the world truly has my heart.

People will always try to talk you out of the things you wish to do based on their own fears. Don’t let them do that. Do you, travel, see what the world has to offer, and most importantly – have fun! Now I know I’m not the only one that has gotten these questions lol. What questions have you been asked throughout your time abroad or travel journey?