Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Allow Me To Introduce Myself
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Hey guys! Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by! God, I can’t believe I’m actually blogging again after all these years. You guys don’t understand, I first started blogging over seven years ago when I was still living in Stockholm. This was way before my journey abroad had begun. I was a little nugget working at a nursing home in Stockholm while attempting to live life to the fullest. Now I’m a little bit older and living life in London for over three years now.

I guess I should introduce myself now that the blog is brand new so here it goes. My name is Lynda and I am Congolese woman from Sweden. I’m as passionate about traveling as one can be and when time and money allows it, you will find me jetting on a plane to a destination of my interest. I also love to write. hence my degree in Journalism & Media from both Los Angeles and London. What else? Oh, I love photography. How could I have forgotten? Lol! I’m a self-taught freelance photographer with a passion for photography. In other words, you will be seeing a lot of my work.


Enjoy guys!