Traveling to Madrid and discovering the Spanish capital

Traveling to Madrid and discovering the Spanish capital
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For many people living in Europe, Spain is the perfect city break when you’re looking to travel to a country not too far away yet still experience nice weather and most importantly – sun.

Bae and traded London for his hometown Madrid for a couple of days which I really enjoyed. It was my first time visiting the Spanish capital and I quickly realized how different Madrid was from Barcelona. Now although Barcelona is a beautiful city that I’ll most likely visit again one day, I wasn’t too impressed nor do I feel like the city lived up to the hype. Nevertheless, I had a great time! Anway, back to Madrid!

It took us a little over two hours to travel from Gatwick Airport to Madrid-Barajas when we flew with Ryanair. The airline is not necessarily my favorite airline, however, they do provide cheap tickets which were what we were looking for.

Plaza de Cibeles in central Madrid. Photo: Private

Madrid gets very hot during summer and we had the pleasure, (or bad luck depending on how much you love the sun) of arriving at a hot Madrid that was bursting 40+C. As the sun was very strong, which made us exhausted at times when walking around the city, I do recommend always carrying a bottle of water.

We ended up staying at an Airbnb in central Madrid. We rented a large room with a private bathroom and were literally 15-20 min away by foot from Calle de Alcalá, which is the longest street in Madrid (equivalent to London’s Oxford Street). One thing I liked about the location was just that, the fact that everything was fairly close so we never had to use public transportation.

Lavapiés, an area in central Madrid. Photo: Private

The food and drinks are cheap, especially when comparing to London, which I absolutely loved as I’m an absolute foodie with food on my mind all the time. I really liked the city (I’m sure my company had a lot to do with that lol) but one I thing I really enjoyed was the fact that the city was loud and vibrant yet quiet in a weird way.

As we originally flew out there for a wedding, we didn’ get enough time for sightseeing which I’m looking forward to doing the next time I visit.

Spanish style breakfast from a local café. Photo: Private