Restaurant Review: Dishoom Shoreditch, London

Restaurant Review: Dishoom Shoreditch, London
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I’m an absolute foodie, and as much as I love a home cooked meal I also enjoy eating out so I figured why not write reviews on places I have visited.

First on the list is Dishoom. For those of you not familiar with the name, it’s an Indian restaurant located at varies locations in London. I’ve been to the Shoreditch branch (East London) on several occasions and loved it every time. Being a fan of Indian cuisine, I also consider Dishoom to be the best Indian restaurant I’ve visited so far. They offer both Indian foods as well as food that’s popular in other Asian countries as well, one being Biryani which is known for being popular in Iran.

The restaurant itself is busy regardless of the location with the waiting time often being one hour. I have personally never had to stand in line but I have seen long lines at different branches, and some of them do not even take reservations. The restaurant is designed to bring a piece of India to London with its exiting and cozy interior design and dimmed lights and candles.

Starters at Dishoom Photo: Private

The Food

If you have room for it; go for a starter before jumping on the mains. I recommend the calamari (squid), prawns and lamb samosas. They’re well seasoned (I don’t like bland food), especially the calamari which makes it difficult to stop eating them. However, keep in mind that the food is quite filling so go easy with the starters if you’re planning on going on a foodie spree. You’ll thank me later!

If you decide to go for mains as well, I recommend the Chicken Ruby, a tender piece of chicken served with ‘makhani’ sauce and Basmati rice. If you’re feeling more adventurous and in need of flavored rice, Biryani is your go-to option. For those of you not familiar with Biryani rice, it’s South Asian mixed rice with a yellow appearance. It might sound a bit dodgy when I explain it but it’s delicious!

Mains at Dishoom Photo: Private

Last but not least is the dessert. If you have a sweet tooth like me then you won’t go wrong with Kulfi, an ice cream looking dessert that comes in different flavors. I went for Mango, which I think is also a good choice if you’re not sure what to go for and want to play it safe. I also tried Kala Khatta, a dessert made of ice flakes and other ingredients such as chili, lime, black salt to name a few. I wasn’t a fan of it as I found the mix to be very strange.

Service is super important to me and I’ve been lucky enough to have good service every time I’ve visited Dishoom. I hope this review helped make your choice easier when choosing an Indian restaurant in London. For those of you who have been to Dishoom, did you enjoy it?

For more info visit Dishoom’s website.