My First Solo Trip: Rediscovering Paris

My First Solo Trip: Rediscovering Paris
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This time last week I was in Paris living my best life. Although I’ve been to the city of lights on multiple occasions, this visit was different. It felt different. Because I have so much family in Paris, I’ve always stayed with them when visiting but this time I decided to stay at a hotel and re-discover Paris on my own.

I got to Paris on Thursday evening after hopping on the Eurostar train for the first time. Boy, when I tell you it was so convenient to take the train rather than taking the plane! I’ve been wanting to travel with Eurostar for some time now, however, tickets have always been pricey. This time God wanted me to be great and I managed to find an affordable ticket to leave Kings Cross St Pancras and reach Gare du Nord in a little over two hours. Guess who’ll be taking the train more often now?

Sacré-Cœur at night

I found a cute little hotel called Hotel de Bellevue which is located about 10-minute walk from both La Chapelle and Marx Dormoy station. The hotel was located centrally being only three stops from Gare Du Nord. Though it was a simple hotel, it was exactly what I needed. Winning!

Okay so as I said, the trip was my first solo trip as I hadn’t actually visited a country completely by myself before (except for when I moved abroad) but I did initially go there to spend an early Christmas with my brother who I hadn’t seen in a while. I’m really big on family and really felt like we both needed some good old family time!

While my brother was working during the day, I entertained myself by checking out tourist attractions I had never visited despite my previous visits to Paris. There I met some really cool people from different parts of the world who shared a piece of their lives with me. And it all started with a simple question; “excuse me, do you mind taking a picture of me, please?”
Take the lovely Amy and her husband from Minnesota who stopped in Paris on their Europe trip. The question led to a 20-minute conversation about everything between heaven and earth. And Amy made sure I got some really good shots with it! Thank you!

This trip was for me as much as it was for my brother. For the first time in a while, I felt a sense of peace. Don’t get me wrong, I have me-time in London when needed, but hopping on the train to another city to be by yourself and rediscover yourself is priceless.

Paris, it was great. I’ll see you soon!