My First Prosecco Tasting in London

My First Prosecco Tasting in London
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This week I attended my very first prosecco tasting organised by Shelley Sofier at Red Kite PR. The event took place at T.T Liquor, a cute little venue in Shoreditch that also organises cocktail classes besides selling liquor of course.

I dragged my friend to come with me on a Tuesday evening after work when we were both shattered but determined to have a good time. We ended up in a group with four other participants from different companies, which was really cool as everyone was fun and open minded.

I’m a fan of Prosecco, however, I didn’t know nearly as much as I learned at the event. We were introduced to seven different prosecco bottles from Prosecco Doc that were all different from one another in its own way. With every bottle, Frankie, our prosecco connoisseur gave us a brief background information.

Being a person with a love for all things sweet and sometimes floral, I found the Millage bottle to be my favorite. It’s easy to drink, which is everything to me, has a nice aftertaste, which is even more important to me, and it wasn’t dry. Yay Millage!

They also fed us lol, and being the foodie that I am, I loved everything. I can sometimes be a bit picky about food but I always try to keep an open mind when eating something for the first time. After all, it’s better to try it once than to not try it at all right? The canapé consisted of different foods but my favorite was definitely the arancini, which I tried for the first time, and the good old calamari!

Being my first Prosecco tasting I didn’t really know what to expect, but the event was filled with good drinks, delicious food and such a laidback and fun atmosphere. And to top it all off, they were sweet enough to give us all a bottle of our choice to take home. Guess which one I went for?