How I spent 72 hours in Paris

How I spent 72 hours in Paris
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Paris is many people’s dream destination. While I understand where people are coming from, I must say that my view of Paris is a little bit different. I have a lot of family in the French capital, which is one of the reasons I’ve visited on so my occasions. And with all places, when you visit a city multiple times it starts to feel a bit like home rather than a dream destination.

I was able to visit Paris earlier this year after being away for six whole years (I don’t even know why I stayed away so long) and it was great. Unlike the other times that I visited the city of lights, this time I stayed at an Airbnb rather than with family.

I ended up staying in a beautiful room on the 40th floor in La Defense, a major business district in central Paris. When booking the room, I was unaware of the tall apartment complex so I as you can imagine, it came as a surprise when I realised my fear of heightt would be tested once again. But boy was it worth it, the view was amazing! I’m telling you, it gave me Sex&The City vibe!

La Défense, Paris

As I originally traveled to Paris for my cousin’s engagement party, I was not able to fully experience Paris they way I would have wanted to, however, I still had an amazing time.

Day 1

I arrived in Paris around 4 pm and as tired as I was, I headed straight to the Airbnb, admired the view for the longest, took some selfies (don’t judge me), and got myself ready to meet my brother who I hadn’t seen in over a year. We headed into the city and took a walk down Champs-Élysées while walking towards the beautiful Arc de Triomphe before heading down the Eiffel Tower. After enjoying the view of the lighted Eiffel Tower we jumped on the train and headed towards the bars.

The always beautiful Eiffel Tower

Bastille, Paris

We ended up bar hopping around Bastille, which was filled with people on every corner. A large amount of bars and clubs in the area allows you to hop around and find the perfect place for you depending on your preference in music.

Day 2

This day was a Saturday and was fully dedicated to the family! My cousin’s engagement took more or less all day as it was time spent with family, including my parents and siblings who I hadn’t seen in four months. Fun times!

Day 3

Last day in Paris guys! Before heading home back to London, another visit to the Louvre and Notre-Dame was on the agenda, as well as strutting around the streets of St-Michel. The weather was great, and the attractions were as expected filled with tourists. The closest station to Notre-Dame de Paris is St-Michel Notre Dame.

There are still a lot of places in Paris I have never visited which is a bit odd but I’m looking forward to my next trip to the city to discover things I haven’t previously done.


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