How I spent 72 hours in Berlin

How I spent 72 hours in Berlin
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I just got back from a weekend trip to Berlin that I went on with my sister. We decided to head out there to celebrate our birthdays and have some alone time together. We’ve both been to Germany before but that was our first time in Berlin – and we loved it!

Berlin is so dope! It has such a nice vibe and is super relaxed. That was exactly what I needed. After visiting Beijing last month combined with living in London, I was in such a desperate need of some peace. Berlin was quiet for me but I really liked it. You would go to the central parts of Mitte and the city is vibrant and alive but head on over somewhere 20 minutes away and it’s quiet. It reminded me a lot of Stockholm, very green and clean lol.


We stayed at Titanic Comfort Hotel in Mitte, which is a beautiful hotel. The double room definitely makes you feel at home, with an interior design that gives that feeling. The only downside was the size of the room, it was smaller in real life. However, I didn’t feel like it was the worst thing in the world. After all, wasn’t like I planned on staying in 33 degrees Berlin heat lol.

We visited the Berlin War Memorial, Checkpoint, and areas such as Alexanderplatz, a square filled with tons of people, restaurants, food trucks, and the market. I definitely recommend visiting the area!

Berlin it’s the place to be!