Damaged hair, bad hairstylists and good products

Damaged hair, bad hairstylists and good products
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Once upon a time, I was definitely what you call a product junkie. I was one of those people who would try so many things in hopes of getting my hair to grow faster, get thicker and all of that good stuff. Because of my interest in natural hair and hair remedies which consisted of natural products, I came to a point where I felt like I was trying EVERYTHING. Eventually (thank God) I realized that sometimes people, less is more. It was around that time I began to truly care for my hair

For the longest time, I thought my hair wasn’t growing. In fact, I felt like I never surpassed a certain length and almost gave up. However, after years of chemically straightening my hair and dying it a couple of times, my hair was in a bad state that made me want to cut it all off. Well not really cut it all off (I’m being dramatic) but cut it short. It took me years to come to the point where I understood and accepted that hair is just hair, meaning it will grow back.

Wanting to change my look, I decided to cut and color my hair to a color I had never had before – light brown. Prior to that, golden brown was the lightest shade I had ever sported, yet I got the bright idea of going one shade lighter. Big mistake! It was so bad I don’t even have pictures of the colo! I just remember calling the salon and panicking, telling them that I needed someone to do my hair straight away. I grabbed my friend and borderline sprinted to the salon where a woman said she could do my hair. After telling me what I already knew, that my hair was super damaged, she cut A LOT of it off. Now although I was happy I had cut it off for it to grow back healthy and strong, the woman completely messed up my hair. Nevertheless, I began taking care of my hair after that.

A friend recommended that I tried Shea Butter for my hair and skin as she claimed it did wonders for her. She was right! Almost eight years later, I’m true to this product. I apply it to my skin and hair, especially during colder seasons as both my skin and hair get very dry around those times. It has helped me keep my hair moisturized while keeping my skin from getting dry. If I don’t apply it on my body I usually apply on my face, as it’s the area that really catches the different weather conditions. Due to the thickness of the product, I apply a small amount on the areas I wish to apply, and due to the quantity of the product, it lasts for a long time. It comes at different prices but the really big ones (bigger than the one in the picture) goes for around £8 in London depending on where you buy it.

Shea Butter

During warmer seasons I tend to use Cocoa Butter on my face and body. I’m fortunate enough to have good skin and almost never (knock o wood) get outbreaks on my face. Obviously, much of that is thanks to genetic however Cocoa Butter does its job as well. As there are tons of different Cocoa Butter products and I’ve tried many of them (did I mention I used to be a product junkie?), I have found that Queen Elizabeth works best for me. In fact, I put my family on it lol. My sister is super loyal to the product to the point that she often makes a fairly big order from me whenever she knows I’m coming home to visit. This specific Cocoa Butter is not too thick or too watery as the others yet it will leave you feeling refreshed. It helps keep your skin moisturized and soft while also reducing the visibility of stretch marks.

As for my hair, I’ve been using Cantu products for a couple of years now and as with Cocoa Butter, I put my family on it as well. Today, Cantu products are one of few products that I use to care for my hair. Throughout the years, I’ve tried two different products from the Cantu line, one being their Leave-In Conditioner Repair Cream. However, right before my holiday to Cuba/Miami, I purchased the Natural Hair Leave-In Conditioning Cream and I’m in love with it. For two weeks I experienced 40 degrees and humidity and my hair still didn’t dry out too much. It keeps my hair soft for a great period time, longer than the other one and does not require the same amount to be used every time. Also, it smells great! I’m going into 10 months with this product and so far so good.

As for my hair journey, that’s a whole other story I’ll talk about another day. I ended up going back to the same salon a year after the woman messed me up but only because my friend recommended a specific person and boy did he deliver. This man did such a good job he had me staring at my reflection every chance I got lol.

Moral of the story; don’t be like old Lynda, go easy with the products, be careful who you allow touching your hair, and know that you’re beautiful.