Brighton: The Perfect City Break From London

Brighton: The Perfect City Break From London
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Bae and I recently took a day trip to Brighton as we wanted to get away from the busy life that comes with living in London. We had originally planned on spending the night but had a last minute change of heart before leaving the city.Considering how the weather was, we were super happy we changed our plans.

Brighton is absolutely gorgeous and we’re planning on going back when it gets warmer as it was absolutely freezing when we visited in mid-March. We did a bit of sightseeing but not nearly as much as we had planned due to the cold weather.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Brighton, it’s a small city by the seaside and a very popular tourist destination. It’s located two hours away from London by bus, which stops five minutes from the beach. We ended up paying £40 pound for two bus tickets on the National Express.

Here are 3 things that we did that I recommend doing/visiting when you’re in Brighton.

Brighton Pier – The pier is quite long and located about 5-10 minutes from the bus stop. While walking on the pier you will find 2-3 different arcade games, a small amusement area, and several restaurants. The restaurants serve different types of food in including traditional English Fish&Chips.

Palms Court – This restaurant is located on the actual pier and serves a nice Fish&Chips (this is coming from a person who’s not a fan of the traditional English dish). As we had just arrived in Brighton and weren’t very hungry, we opted for a large Fish&Chips to share, which we both thought was enough for the time being. The restaurant is pretty, looking out the ocean while giving guests a nice view. However being a city with the ocean at your doorstep, I can imagine that the restaurant is busy on warmer days.

JB’s American Diner – If you’re looking for simple yet delicious food, JB’s American Diner is your place. We originally made plans to eat elsewhere but stumbled on this American diner by coincidence. It’s located five minutes away from the beach and offers everything you’re expecting to find at a diner. We (I) made the mistake of having a sharing platter as a starter so by the time the mains came out I was only able to eat half my burger, which my boyfriend gladly finished. That. Has. Never. Happened. Before. Lol. Being the foodie that I am I was devastated and began to question whether or not I had lost my mojo. Jokes! Nevertheless, the food good, and we had a great time. We also went bar hopping but unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of the places we visited.

Have you been to Brighton? How did you find it, anything you recommend for our next visit?

Xo, Lynda