About Me

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I’ve had a global mindset since I was a child, which made me curious about the world we live in. I was always the child that enjoyed flipping through geography books about different countries hoping that I could one day visit them.

At the age of 22, my journey abroad began as I packed my bags, left my parents house and moved to Los Angeles, California. Intrigued by the US, I enrolled at Santa Monica College where I earned my Associate’s Degree in Journalism. During two and a half years, I lived my best life, discovered myself and explored a world I once dreamed of.

Upon graduating in Los Angeles I found myself moving back to Stockholm for two years before I packed my bags once again but this time to London. Determined to finish what I started and get my Bachelor’s Degree, I continued my education in London and received my BA in Journalism&Media two years later.

I travel every year because that curious little girl is still inside of me. With every trip that I go on, my world widens making me look forward to my next trip. It’s an amazing feeling discovering a new country, city, and culture, which is what I wish to transmit to you. I aim to inspire women, particularly women of color, to try something new and explore the world.

I’ve been exploring the world for a couple of years now, and while some might think that I’m avoiding my hometown (jokes), the truth is I’ve discovered what sets my soul on fire.

To follow my travel journey, visit my Instagram at Lynda Konde and my YouTube here.

Keep discovering!

Feel free to contact me on Lindakonde@hotmail.com if you have any questions.