A First Timer’s Guide to London

A First Timer’s Guide to London
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London is metropolitan capital filled with millions of people from around the world. Every year many people relocate to the British capital in hopes of better opportunities, a new life or just a different experience. Due to its popularity, London has become one of the most visited cities in the world.

With endless things to see, places to visit, and things to do, London can sometimes become overwhelming. To make your visit a bit easier, I’ve created a first timer’s guide to London. Your personal itinerary to getting the most out of your London visit.

Getting Around

London is a major city with many different types of transport including the London underground, the overground, the DLR, and the National Rail to name a few. However, the most convenient way to get around is to take the London underground. The type of ticket to buy depends on your duration in the city.

If you’re planning to stay for up to three days, the best thing would be to buy a 1, 2, or 3-Day Travel Card that can be bought at any station.
If you’re staying for more than three days, the most economical way to get around London would be to buy a pay-as-you-go Oyster Card that can also be bought at any station. If you wish to get rid of your card upon your departure, you can do so at your final stop where you’ll also receive a £5 refund as you will no longer be able to be used.

What To See

Big Ben
A famous neo-gothic styled clock located next to the Palace of Westminster and is considered an iconic landmark.

Palace of Westminster
One of the most famous buildings in London and the meeting place for the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The London Eye
An iconic landmark and Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel that offers one of the best views of London

St Paul’s Cathedral

An Angelic cathedral located in the city and is known as one of the most popular attractions in London. The cathedral, which is over 300 years old, is still active offering hourly prayers and daily services.

Tower Bridge
A 124-year old suspension bridge that has become an iconic symbol of London. The beautiful bridge lights up as it gets dark giving a beautiful view of the city.

Buckingham Palace
Home to the Queen Elizabeth IIand and popular tourist attraction. The large groups of tourists visiting the palace can make it difficult to get a photo without being photobombed, however, due to its status, it’s still a landmark worth visiting.

River Thames
The second longest river in the UK that has been featured in many movies, TV-shows, and music videos. As you visit the river, you’ll also be able to see many of the other iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge and The London Eye.

Trafalgar Square

A famous and iconic public square with beautiful architecture and fountains. The centerpiece of Trafalgar Square is Nelson’s Column monument, which was built to honor a former Brittish flag officer.

Hyde Park
A huge park in central London that’s also very popular during warmer months. The famous park also has a lake that’s used for boating and swimming.

Westminster Abbey
A Gothic abbey church that has been in service since 1066 and is one of the most famous churches in London.

Piccadilly Circus
A popular square with a vibrant atmosphere at any time of the day. Famous for its big neon signs and fountain, the theatre-district square is also close to many of London’s tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace and houses of Parliament to name a few.

Oxford Street

Popular major shopping street that runs from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road. With over 300 shops, Oxford Street is the busiest street in Europe.

A vibrant area in the West End that comes alive in the evening as it gets dark. The area is very popular due o its mix of clubs, bars, restaurants, and stores.

Kensington Palace
A royal residence and the official home to Prince Harry and Meghan Markel, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The staterooms are open to the public.

Notting Hill
A trendy area filled with colorful houses that you’ve probably seen several times on Instagram. The famous Portobello Road, which is known for its busy market can also be found in this posh neighborhood.

Brick Lane
A colorful area that is known for the many graffiti walls that can be found throughout the area. It’s close proximity to Shoreditch has made the area even more popular throughout the years.

A popular artsy area filled with affordable restaurants, bars, and clubs. Famous for its edgy atmosphere, colorful street art, not to mention the art galleries, this east London district is worth a visit.

Tate Modern Museum (Free)
Part of a group of four Tate museums, they’re known as one of the world’s largest museums of modern and contemporary art.

The British Museum (Free)
A large public museum located in central London and is dedicated to human history, art an culture. Being the world’s first national public museum, it attracts millions of visitors every year.