7 Things To See When Visiting Berlin, Germany

7 Things To See When Visiting Berlin, Germany
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Berlin is known for being a cultural city with as we know, much history, amazing street art and a great nightlife. Although I didn’t get to experience all of it, I did, however, get a great sense of the city. These are some of the places that my sister and I visited during our trip.


Berlin TV Tower

Once you reach the top you get a 360 view of the city. We spotted quite a lot of people outside trying to get it in so it might be good to visit the tower as early as possible

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the most famous crossing point between East and West Germany during the time of the Berlin Wall and was given its name by the Americans during the cold war. The checkpoint still stands, however, it’s been redeveloped.

Brandenburg Gate

It’s one of Germany’s best-known landmarks that you have to see. The old city gate was rebuilt around 250 years ago and still stands proudly today. The place gets very crowded so taking a picture of the gate without tons of people will be difficult unless you go there very early.


Berlin Wall Memorial

This is a powerful place with images and text showing Germany’s historic mistakes. A part of the wall has been placed there to give a sense of the reality of many people who suffered when it was built.


Berlin Cathedral

This place is gorgeous. The architecture is breathtaking and worth visiting.



It’s a large public square with street food and live music in central Mitte that was available when we visited this summer. They also have a small market where you can buy souvenirs. I’m unsure whether or not they are available during the rest of year.


It’s a gorgeous building that is mostly used for exhibits that celebrate culture and history and is organised by the Stadtmuseum Berlin.